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Find Direct Mail Sales Leads with New Who’s Mailing What! Add-on

Apart from being a comprehensive collection of direct mail creatives, WMW! is a source of information about the companies sending out direct mail.

You know that Who’s Mailing What! is a comprehensive collection of direct mail creatives. But did you know that it’s also an incredible source of information about the companies that send out that direct mail?

We compile dozens of details about “who” is mailing the thousands of direct mail campaigns that are delivered to our panelists’ homes and included on our website. And with this in-depth dossier on thousands of companies, you’ll be able to find the best prospects for your products and services as well as determine a strategy for your own direct mail campaigns.

Find Leads for Your Business with Our Brand New Feature!

With Who’s Mailing What!’s new company search feature, you can find qualified leads for your business type

  • Printers
  • Envelope and Packaging Manufacturers
  • List Managers and Brokers
  • Promotional Products Distributors
  • Lettershops/Fulfillment Services
  • Database Services Providers
  • Ad Agencies/Copywriters
  • Designers/Media Services
  • Telemarketers
  • Postal/Delivery Services
  • Marketing Service Providers

In addition, any marketer who wants to stay on top of their market niche and tap into new ideas will want to use Who’s Mailing What! to find the information they need.

The Common Sales Challenges Who’s Mailing What! Solves

You’ll work smarter, faster and close more sales when you turn to Who’s Mailing What!

For example:

  • You will know who to contact when you research a new prospect, so you don’t waste a precious moment of your selling time.
  • You will know the activity of their mailing and marketing efforts and determine whether this mailer is right for your services.
  • You will be able to export the best prospects and add them to your contact management system.
  • For unparalleled marketing intelligence, you will know what mailing packages have been used as “controls” by the top mailers in the country.
  • You will know which offers do best, not just in general, but for your particular industry.
  • You will know what your competitors are mailing.

How to Find Leads Using Who’s Mailing What!

Personnel contacts and company profiles are all at your fingertips. If you are a supplier of marketing services or products that include direct mail, Who’s Mailing What! can be your path to new business success.

Since relaunching, we have added several powerful new capabilities that make it far easier for you to find leads and develop a customized profile of them that’s best suited for your unique needs.

After logging in to Who’s Mailing What!, starting from the Dashboard, tapping or clicking on the Search → Leads tab lets you do a quick search for a specific company to see personnel names and contact information available.

direct mail sales leads

Or, you can save contact names and details in a separate widget on your dashboard. Contact information that’s listed and sortable includes:

    • Name

Date name saved (so you can choose to access the most recent first)

  • Company
  • Position
  • Email address
  • Phone
  • LinkedIn profile link


direct mail sales leads

Bird’s-Eye Company View

The company profile page has been completely overhauled and enhanced with all kinds of essential information added, such as:

    • # of employees
    • Revenue (for public companies)
    • Dates of their mail included in our database
    • Address, website

NAICS and SIC classifications (important for segmentation use)

  • Notes
  • Ability to tag them — “follow” so you get notified for new mail
  • Social media links (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram)


direct mail sales leads

In addition, a news module pulls stories from various sources with most recent company mentions. This helps you know about the larger picture about what’s happening at those companies.

For each company’s contacts or stakeholders, the profile information includes:

  • Name
  • LinkedIn profile link
  • Ability to send email directly through your default email client with a click
  • Ability to copy email address with a click

direct mail sales leads

We also provide a snapshot view of a company or organization’s Campaigns. The profile information that’s listed and sortable includes:

  • Mailing date
  • Category
  • Offer description

direct mail sales leads

There’s also a miniprofile with totals for the number of mailings in our database, the number of controls, and how many mailings received in the most recent month.

Two brand new features also let you size this company up based on competitive factors:

  • Other mailers that use the same company to print their direct mail as this company
  • Companies that market in the same category or categories at this company

direct mail sales leads

Final Thoughts

Who’s Mailing What! is more than just a source of creative inspiration and marketing intelligence — it is a powerful digital rolodex of prospects. Sales Leads Add-on is just getting started. We will be adding expanded contact data, the ability to search for contacts and add individual notes, charts and graphs, and much more.

As a member, you can log in, find or develop a list of contacts, and then reach out with a finely-tuned pitch to these qualified prospects for your products and services.

We’ve taken a lot of the legwork and guesswork out of the process. Combined with the insights we provide on the creative — and the data behind it — you’ll be able to offer real value to your prospective clients and meet their individual needs.

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1 Comment

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