About Who’s Mailing What!

Our mission

We are reimagining direct mail marketing by leveraging AI technology and identifying Who's Inspired by What! to empower marketers with insights for creating high performing campaigns.

How it started - How it’s evolving

  • 1970


    Stealing Smart Starts

    Denny Hatch began collecting mail and, over time, his massive swipe file became indispensable for other marketers and copywriters who were looking through his files for their own assignments.

  • 1984


    Who’s Mailing What! launches in print

    Monthly print newsletter “Who’s Mailing What!” was launched.

  • 1992


    More mail means more insight for more customers

    Who’s Mailing What! was sold to North American Publishing Co. The newsletter’s name was changed to Inside Direct Mail, and began to be printed in 4-color.

  • 2004


    From paper piles to PDF files

    Listings of all of the Who’s Mailing What’s mail pieces migrated to the Web, and PDFs of thousands of mail packages became available as well to subscribers.

  • 2009


    The advent of the WMW! platform

    Print newsletter transitioned to an email weekly, and online experience becomes more user-friendly with each revision.

  • 2019


    2019 Integrating AI to revolutionize WMW!

    Who’s Mailing What! acquired by Alegian Growth Partners. AGP Principal Vilnis Ezerins notes “We decided there’s a market for direct mail marketing competitive intelligence, with broad coverage across industries, affordable for smaller and medium sized organizations.”

What we do:

We arm marketers with the tools they need to develop winning marketing programs by:
  • Delivering Performance Insights

    We identify the best performing creative components across 84 industry categories and offers working in every industry based on our extensive & growing collection of almost 20,000 controls and grand controls

  • Identifying Active Print Mailers

    Who’s Mailing What reveals which businesses are actively using direct mail, provides their contact information, and shows you their exact creatives

  • Tracking Your Competition

    We provide weekly alerts for new campaigns allowing you to inform your strategy in real time

Meet our team

  • vilnis-ezerins
    Equity Sponsor
    Alegian Growth Partners, LLC
  • jill-corcoran
    Jill Corcoran
  • andris-ezerins
    Andris Ezerins
  • tim-vlasenko
    Tim Vlasenko
    Product Marketing Manager
  • anna-khamitova
    Anna Khamitova
    Technical Information & Data Project Manager
  • elena-tikhonova
    Elena Tikhonova
    Senior Product Marketing Manager
  • maria-singh
    Maria Singh
    Project Coordinator
  • paul-bobnak
    Paul Bobnak
    Content Creator
  • natalia-dumanska
    Natalia Dumanska
    Content Marketing Manager