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Who’s Mailing What! supplies marketers, agencies, print and fulfillment houses, designers, and copywriters with inspiration and competitive direct mail intelligence. With a database of over 80,000 creatives (and still growing!) across twenty two major industries, WMW is THE most comprehensive collection of print campaigns. More importantly, our database grows exponentially each day! We continually receive new creatives that feed into a weekly update of our database – rendering WMW your all-in-one library of fresh, modern creative pieces.

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Are you a Designer or Writer?

Get inspired!

Gain inspiration from top-notch designs and results-driven sales copy. Uncover elements that pack a creative punch such as:

Attention grabbing headlines Offers that convert Action-driving key words Eye-catching background colors Best performing fonts and font colors Gender, age and ethnicity of human images that inspire people to purchase
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Are you a Marketer?

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Looking for ways to make your print advertising stand out? Want to know what works… and what doesn’t? Discover creatives that have been tested… modified… retested… and WIN! Every. Time.

Access Direct Mail from over 85 industry sub-categories Get inspired by your competitors! Search the campaigns sent on their behalf. See the creative controls that are STILL working Match your audience to creatives that inspire them to purchase Research the effectiveness of elements such as: offers, pricing, Unique Selling Propositions (USPs), headlines, envelopes and teaser copy, personalization, premiums, and freemiums Gain competitive marketing intelligence in one easy-to-use platform!
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Are you a Mail Advertising Services Provider?

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Access a database of print-friendly clients… and know their creative needs BEFORE talking to them. Who’s Mailing What reveals which businesses are actively using direct mail, provides their contact information, and shows you their exact creatives.

Gain insightful creative needs for industry-leading companies Access a lead source funnel of known and active mailers Compile contact information for each potential client Get real-time notifications when new creatives are published Outbid and outsmart your competitors!

Get Creative!

Who's Mailing What! has more than 80,000 creatives in ten large industry categories and access to over 85 sub-categories. Try your industry now! Select your industry to discover how many creatives are available for viewing in our database.

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See Who’s Inspired by What!

Who’s Mailing What!, powered by Wyzoo, uses Artificial Intelligence to marry 1.2 terabytes of direct mail data with a dataset of over 1.4 billion U.S. consumer characteristics to predict “Who’s Inspired by What!”

Through this partnership, you can leverage the power of predictive analytics to see which creative features will be most suitable for your direct mail audience. Our AI algorithms consider every creative aspect of a direct mail piece to determine what type of copy and design inspire your audience to take action.