Basic questions

What is Who’s Mailing What!?

Being the world's most complete online collection of direct mail samples, sales letters, postcards and flyers, Who’s Mailing What! is the go-to resource for direct marketers, copywriters, designers, printers and everyone involved in direct mail marketing. WMW! provides information on hundreds of thousands of direct mail packages and promotional emails from across U.S. markets since 1978.

Who can benefit from Who’s Mailing What and how?

  • Service providers seeking leads — WMW! is a lead source to assist you in acquiring new customers. You can receive real-time notification of new mailers added to the database allowing you to pitch your services to known and active mailers.
  • Direct marketers researching the competition– simply type the name of the competitor into the search box and see the mail campaigns that were sent on behalf of this company.
  • Creative people seeking inspiration — WMW! opens up a new world for those searching for new ideas and success stories in order to boost their own marketing efforts.

Is it just direct mail pieces or is there also digital?

There are more than 300,000 emails stored in our archives. As we are now focused on collecting direct mail pieces, the email collection is not being updated regularly. However, we always listen to our clients — so if you want us to keep growing the email collection, please let us know!

Is it legal?

We are not responsible for the way you use the copies received via our service. As such, legality relies fully upon how you plan to use these materials. All rights to the mail piece belong to the originating company and are protected by copyright law. Our goal is to provide you with an inspiration source to help you create your unique mail campaigns and boost your own marketing efforts.

Advanced questions

What are the “Controls”?

These are mail pieces that have been used repetitively with success.

What are the "Grand Controls"?

These are direct mail campaigns that have been used for years with great success.

How are you leveraging AI and machine learning to deliver more value?

We applied machine learning and modern analysis to mine the data and built a platform that provides insight that marketers can use to improve copy and design, increasing direct mail ROI. The number of mail pieces added annually to the database has increased by 13 times compared to previous years. And thanks to an optical recognition algorithm, full-text search has been implemented, a feature that lets members easily find mail that matches their keywords.

What’s in the product roadmap? What are your future plans?

We have two impressive add-ons on our roadmap.

Sales Lead Add-on

Interested in connecting with print-active marketers? Win more business with:

  • Enhanced company information.
  • Contact information for key stakeholders.
  • New search module that allows you to search by contacts.
  • Ability to save contacts to dashboard or downloadable file.

Inspiring Insights Add-on

Leverage AI to bridge the gap between creative and optimal customer engagement & revenue.

Your creative team will have access to:

  • Responsive keywords & key phrases.
  • Sentiment analysis.
  • High performing color analysis.

Stay tuned for these and many other exciting add-ons and features!

Collection details

How many categories does Who's Mailing What! cover?

WMW! covers 21 categories that are divided into more than 85+ subcategories for your convenience.

What industries does Who’s Mailing What! monitor?

The WMW! Collection provides you access to a full spectrum of verticals in both Business-to-Consumer and Business-to-Business categories. We feature campaigns across many industries to help showcase insights into effectively selling products and services. Please see the full list of categories and subcategories here.

What is the format of the mail pieces?

All the mail pieces are in PDF format. You can easily access them via our built-in PDF viewer, as well as download files for future use.

How often do you update your database?

We receive daily updates and post weekly to allow us to extract more insights for you and ensure data quality.

How many mail pieces do you have in your database?

Now WMW! has more than 290000 mail pieces in its database and this number continues to grow weekly.

How many mailers do you have in your database?

Currently we have 39462 mailers. New mailers are identified on a weekly basis.

How does Who’s Mailing What! collect their mail samples?

We have an extensive history of working with a large number of panelists from across the U.S. who contribute mail pieces to our Collection. In the last 6 months, we have worked with an average of about 400 panelists. You can see the geographic distribution of our panelists here.

How can I find the mail piece I need?

Our Google-like full-text search capability uses layered filtering to show you precisely what you want to see in seconds. You can zero-in on specific keywords or use our intuitive filters to return robust and targeted search results.

Becoming a Panelist

Can I send you the advertising mail that comes to my mailbox?

Yes, we welcome new contributors! Please get in touch with us and we’ll provide you with more details.

Who’s Inspired by What

What is Who’s Inspired by What?

The service that will connect the 1.2 terabytes of WhosMailingWhat! data with our own dataset of 1.4 billion U.S. consumer characteristics to help you send the right creative to the right person.

How does it work?

We leverage AI-powered solutions to analyze your customer file and segment your audience according to their preferences.


Do you offer a discount for non-profits?

Yes, non-profit organizations qualify for special pricing. Please contact us and we’ll share more details.

What are the pricing plans and how can I buy WMW! subscription?

You can view some of our more popular plans here. Our pricing is not one size fits all, so we need to get an idea of how you'll be using the system, which industries you are serving, who else from your company will need access to the service, along with a few other things. Once we understand your needs, we can build you a custom-tailored plan. Please contact us and we can provide you with a quote based upon your needs.