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How to Use Who’s Mailing What! Content to Win Business


How to Use Who’s Mailing What! Content to Win Business

Content marketing is a way to engage your customers and win more business. Here are some ways how WMW! content can help you with this.

Content marketing is booming. In fact, according to Technavio, this highly effective form of marketing will grow at a CAGR of 16% to reach $418 billion between 2021 – 2025. This growth is no surprise—content marketing works! Citing the Content Marketing Institute, OptinMonster notes that 72% of marketers say that content marketing has quantifiably improved prospect engagement and 72% say it has increased the number of leads.

Content marketing is not just for your clients. Whether you are a direct mail agency, printer/PSP, or direct mail data vendor, content marketing is a way to engage your customers and win more business, too.

Why does content marketing work so well?

  • It shows thought leadership.
  • It allows you to showcase your expertise.
  • It builds your brand.
  • It helps potential clients find you on the web.
  • It keeps customers and prospects engaged.
  • It builds trust and loyalty.

So how do you get started? As an industry vendor, building marketing content likely isn’t in your wheelhouse. This can be a particular challenge for smaller shops that may not have the same data and resources as larger shops necessary to create the kind of relevant, insightful content that engages readers and builds readership. Even larger companies with content development teams may not have the bandwidth to do so.

Here’s the solution. Use WMW! content to grow your business. WMW! has the world’s most comprehensive collection of direct mail creative, with 134,000+ pieces and growing. We also have tons of insight in our blog that you can incorporate into your sales and marketing efforts. We have used our creative direct mail database, insights, and expertise to grow our readership and attract thousands of qualified readers in just one year. You can tap into those resources, too.

Want to learn more? Here’s our report on how we grew our blog.

Here are some ways you can leverage WMW content to grow your business:

1. Position yourself as a thought leader via social media.

Not all content has to be long or in-depth. Short snippets posted on social media can be tremendously effective, too. After all, what do your clients and prospects do first thing in the morning? Scan social media!

Tweet out interesting data points gleaned from our reports. Draw on WMW! content to create posts for your company’s website, LinkedIn, or company Facebook page. Use the analysis from our blog to position yourself as an expert.

leverage our data to post on Facebook

Content marketing can help sell products, too. Twitter, for example, has found that . . .

  • 66% of people have found a new business on Twitter.
  • 69% of people bought something because of a tweet.
  • 94% plan to make a purchase from a business they follow.

So don’t just blog. Tweet!

leverage our data to post on Twitter

Here at Who’s Mailing What!, we know the power of social media. One of the ways we have been able to grow our blog so successfully is by actively sharing articles and other insights on LinkedIn. Over time, that investment builds trust with our audience and ultimately attracts new users to check our website and register for free trials.

leverage our data to post on Linkedin

2. Inform your client communications with data-driven insights.

Writing newsletters and sending email blasts to engage your audience? Draw on WMW content for that, too. Whether in newsletters, emails, or other client outreach, use our insightful blog posts and data analysis to provide your readers with real, practical tips, such as how to maximize their mail for the USPS’ Informed Delivery service or how to incorporate digital channels to boost direct mail response.

3. Use WMW material in prospect outreach.

Content marketing is also critical when it comes to winning new business. Clients want to do business with experts, and WMW! helps you position yourself as an expert. Semrush, for example, has found that 79% of marketers are using content marketing to increase the number of high-quality leads. High-quality leads require high-quality content, and WMW! makes creating that content easy. Say you’re an agency targeting clients in the dental industry. You can use insights from article such as “Best Practices for Dental Postcards” to create content that shows your expertise in their vertical. Support your prospect-facing communications with visual examples (including Controls) taken from our searchable database.

4. Gain inside information for sales presentations.

When going after new client business, knowing the company’s direct mail history can make your presentation far more effective. Tap into the WMW! database to research your prospect’s previous direct mail campaigns. Get valuable insights into what they are doing well (or not so well), then create a plan based on what you have learned. Access their Controls and Grand Controls (direct mail campaigns that they send repeatedly), then use that knowledge to show how you can make those campaigns even better. Show up prepared!

Want to “wow” your prospects even further? Use our searchable database to research their competitors’ campaigns, too. Then come with a plan to help your prospects top them.

use our insights in your presentations

5. Using WMW creatives in presentations and outreaches.

WMW! users can leverage not only what we have on our blog, but also from the images from our collection of 134,000 pieces of direct mail creative in our searchable database. We illustrate our articles from our collection, and you can, too. Each page of every creative is saved as a PDF, so feel free to download and use them when preparing a presentation, newsletter, or marketing email.

If you are an unregistered user, sign up to access 10 campaigns of your choice for free! Users can also poke around using our Free Look Up tool.

6. Let WMW! create your content.

What if creating content isn’t your thing? You may be great at graphic design, print production, or campaign development, but writing may not be in your skill set. Not every vendor has a content team. Or maybe you do, but they are tied up with other projects. (“You want us to write content for our own company’s blog? No way! We’re too busy writing content for our clients!”)

If you don’t have the bandwidth or in-house skill set to create your own engaging sales and marketing content, let us do it for you. We know what works (the growth of our own blog is a testament to our success), so you can trust us to create insightful SEO-optimized, direct-mail-focused content for you. We’ll keep that blog full of fresh, current insights. You’ll never run out of data, examples, or ideas.

Final Thoughts

Technology has leveled the playing field on producing high-quality printed pieces, so thought leadership is more important than ever. When your clients have the choice between you and “the other guy,” you want your expertise and investment in them to be the tie-breaker.
So when it comes to marketing, prospecting, and deepening relationships, the question is, “Got Content?” The answer is yes! WMW! makes it easy.

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