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Magnet Mail — A Powerful Tool to Build Your Brand and Response


Magnet Mail — A Powerful Tool to Build Your Brand and Response

When you want your direct mail marketing message to last, put it on a magnet. Let’s consider a few ways they can support your message or offer.

When you want your direct mail marketing message to last, put it on a magnet. This simple promotional product is one of the most popular tools for acquiring as well as keeping customers because of its versatility as well as endurance.

Like many of us, my refrigerator door is covered with magnets of all kinds. They’re tasked with a variety of jobs, like holding up recipe cards, restaurant menus, to-do lists, report cards, kids’ drawings, family photos, store coupons, and appointment reminders. I’m sure you can think of a few uses I missed.

The point is that magnets — whether you pick them up at a gift shop while on vacation or buy them at the supermarket — have an immediate, easy-to-understand value: they keep paper from falling off a metallic surface.

Why not, then, include magnets in your direct mail campaign?

Let’s consider a few ways that can support your message or offer.

Reward Your Supporters

Nonprofits know that front-end premiums, or “freemiums” work well in driving response when they’re included in a direct mail package. Like pens, address labels, and notepads, magnets are a visible reminder of your commitment to that cause. They also show others that you’re proud to be a supporter of that organization.

Here’s an example from Guiding Eyes for the Blind, a nonprofit that trains and provides guide dogs. Notice that it suggests that the donor put it on their car.

Provide Vital Information

Consumers have a lot of choices for the services they need in their everyday lives. So to stand out from the competition, a magnet displays your name and contact information, like physical location, phone number, hours of operation, and more. Hospitals, doctors’ offices, and other healthcare centers are frequent users of magnets for that reason.

Lexington Medical Center in Lexington, SC mailed residents near its new urgent care center this postcard with a magnet laminated onto its surface.

My Plumber, an HVAC contractor in Manassas, VA, mailed this magnet on the postcard (below) that shows a calendar. That’s an immediate value.

But look at the top: they know that people will put the magnet on their fridge so that they can easily find their phone number to call in an emergency. There’s a “today or free” guarantee as well as a $35 off promise. And when you peel the magnet off, additional coupons are underneath on the postcard, with another on the address side. This really maximizes the selling space on the mailer.

Keep Your Entire Mail Piece Visible

Magnets make your message convenient and accessible when they’re physically part of the mail piece. When attached with fugitive glue to a postcard, for example, they’re usually small enough — around 2”x1” – that they don’t disrupt or distract from your message.

Think about the continuous exposure you’ll get (and repeat business you’ll drive) when the entire mail piece can be saved, thanks to the magnet.

This mailer was sent by a restaurant in Tucson, AZ. It includes the phone number and address, enticing photos, and coupons that can help ensure customer loyalty.

Search for More Examples of Magnet Mail with Who’s Mailing What!

With our Google-inspired search function, you can easily find more examples of magnet mail campaigns in the Who’s Mailing What! Type in “magnet”, “magnet inside”, or any other variation to see the most relevant search results.

You’ll discover how many nonprofits make magnets an important part of their fundraising and branding, and get some insight on what sizes and shapes are available. As for small and local businesses, you’ll get a much better sense of how the magnet is incorporated into their mail pieces and makes them more noticeable and useful.

Final Thoughts

So who can use magnets in their direct mail? The above examples represent only a few of the possibilities.

Besides restaurants, healthcare offices, contractors, and fundraisers, there’s an amazing variety of businesses and organizations that can draw attention, build interest, and generate response and loyalty with magnets in their mail.

For example:

  • Vehicle dealers and maintenance shops
  • Schools and educational associations
  • Real estate
  • Insurance and financial services
  • Governments
  • Events
  • Brick-and-mortar retail stores
  • Personal services (cleaners, home services, etc.)

However you use them, magnets can provide practical value to your mail piece for the customer. But beyond that immediate goal, they build awareness of your brand. And best of all, they literally stick around forever.

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1 Comment

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