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8 Examples of Real Estate Postcards


8 Examples of Real Estate Postcards

In this article, you’ll find eight examples of real estate postcards that are sure to stick out in the mailbox.

In the real estate industry, direct mail is an essential way to market yourself within an ideal location. Standing out amongst other realtors with similar tactics is another challenge. You want to show your potential clients that you are personable, know the current market and care about buyers’ and sellers’ goals.

Direct mail is the perfect way to increase your brand awareness and help build long-term relationships with the right campaign strategies. Keep reading to see eight examples of real estate postcards that are sure to stick out in the mailbox.

1. Testimonials


Testimonials and good reviews have a positive effect on your brand. So why not show them off on a postcard? On the front of the postcard, start by asking a question that gets the prospect thinking. Including a photo of yourself and an offer for a free market analysis makes the piece feel personable.

These three things get the viewer wondering about the value of your services and how you might help them. The back of the postcard is the perfect place to show off all of the five-star reviews and testimonials you’ve collected. Putting those front and center reinforces the experiences people have had working with you.

According to Jay Schwedelson, founder of Outcome Media, putting testimonials and reviews near your CTA increases a recipient’s likelihood of taking action. Utilize this tip on all of your pieces by including your contact information or a QR code in the same area.

Why mail this piece: This piece not only provides brand awareness but builds good credibility with positive testimonials no matter what stage of the buying process your target might be in.

2. Community Engagement

Community- Engagement

Supporting the local community and creating a way to meet people in person is a great way to establish your commitment locally. Keeping up with local events and seasonal initiatives shows that you support and advocate for the areas where your potential clients live.

Sending out mail that invites them to engage with your business in a positive way provides a space for conversation and networking. Once you’ve selected or organized an event, start by giving them all of the information they need to participate on the back. When, where, why and how! Your goal is to drive attendance or donations in your community.

The front is a great place to plug your personal goal in relation to the event, as well as your photo and contact information.

Why mail this piece: Mailing a piece backing a local initiative creates the foundation you need to improve your community and build strong relationships that count.

3. Common Home-Buying Myths


Providing recipients with resources and educational content displays your knowledge of the industry and helps your audience become more informed. On the back of the postcard, a list discussing the 7 Common Home-Buying Myths gives your recipients the opportunity to learn and encourages them to hold onto your direct mail piece longer.

The front of the postcard is a great place to create seasonal urgency and push the recipient to contact you. Buyers appreciate learning from experts, and educational content that gets people thinking differently is a great tactic to stay relevant.

Why mail this piece: Providing valuable resources and information for your recipients empowers them in the buying process while encouraging them to reach out to you.

4. Just Listed


There are always opportunities to reach your target audience before they make the decision to buy or sell a home. Keeping that group of people informed by sending out properties that have been listed locally is a reliable way to inform your footprint of what you’re up to as well as creating traffic for your recent listing!

Providing information about the property such as the price attracts buyers, but can also spark inspiration to neighbors who have been thinking about selling. Creating a strong call to action on a ‘just listed’ piece is just as important as the property information. Whether you want them to reach out to you or attend an open house, provide dates, times, your contact information, and a photo of you as well.

Why mail this piece: Sharing just listed properties right in your audience’s mailbox can attract the right buyers as well as inspire other people to sell.

5. Just Sold


Similar to just listed pieces, just sold postcards also give you the opportunity to highlight the success of your properties. Adding information on how long the house was on the market before it sold, and statistics on how you can get people over asking price for their home can inspire someone to choose to work with you when selling their home.

A great way to start a relationship could be offering a free home evaluation, giving you the opportunity to meet homeowners. Include a QR code to your schedule as your CTA and allow people to book a time that works for them!

Why mail this piece: Just sold pieces create a sense of confidence associated with your brand, especially when it comes to recipients thinking of selling their own home.

6. Doors of Fall


Taking a seasonal approach with your direct mail and keeping a pulse on the newest trends is a unique way to stand out amongst the competition. One example of this could be sending a postcard with top-picked colors for the fall season. This also encourages those thinking about updating their home to hang on to your piece, maybe even bring it with them to look at colors.

On the opposite side, make sure to still include your contact information and the importance of something in the selling or buying process, in this case, curb appeal is a great angle. You’re the expert and are here to help!

Why mail this piece: By letting recipients know you’re active during all seasons and pay attention to the current trends, you stand out in the mailbox and create a more personal relationship with potential sellers or buyers.

7. Joy Scores


Who doesn’t love to think about how much their home brings them joy? Inspiring your audience with an interactive direct mail piece can create engagement with your recipients. Share a list of areas in their home they could improve by doing small projects that pack a punch. Then, to interact with them, including a CTA for people to tag you on social media increases your reach beyond your direct mail footprint.

Ask them to share home improvements with you in a contest! For many people, creating a home that brings them and other people joy is extremely important. It’s good to push the envelope and get your recipients thinking about the spaces they live in or want to live in someday. This type of content is great for brand awareness and creating a feel-good relationship with the community.

Why mail this piece: An interactive, outside-the-box piece encourages people to engage with you, helping you increase your marketing reach across channels.

8. Realtor Benefit


Sometimes it’s good to show off, plain and simple. Mailing a postcard that explains your services allows people to see how they can benefit from using you as a realtor. Providing your initial services free of cost is a smart way to get your foot in the door with new buyers and sellers.

Let them know that as their realtor, you can sell their home for 12% over the asking price and that you have knowledge in price and presentation, marketing, negotiating, closing, and more!

Why mail this piece: This piece is a great way to softly introduce yourself and your expertise. Send this to a new neighborhood and watch the calls come rolling in.


Whether you’re providing educational content, sharing market insights, engaging with the community, or introducing yourself, creating personal touches should be your priority when it comes to direct mail. These mailers can work for both a new farming neighborhood or a current nurture campaign.

Whether you want to go personal, aggressive, or knowledgeable, The Mailworks has the content for multiple touchpoints that are sure to keep you memorable and get you the leads you need. Interested in learning more about real estate direct mail marketing? Head to our website!

Written by Alex Miller

Alex Miller is a Marketing Specialist at The Mailworks, a direct mail marketing company that sends direct mail nationwide located in Albany, New York. The pieces shown in this article were designed and created by The Mailworks with the success of realtors at top of mind.

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