Who’s Mailing What!’s Content Usage Guidelines

Thanks for your interest in republishing or sharing our content. Here are some guidelines to follow:

Social media sharing

Feel free to share our content via social media. We’d appreciate you tagging us (@WhosMailingWhat) or adding a hashtag #WhosMailingWhat.

Visual content

Feel free to republish in full any Who’s Mailing What! — original images (such as charts, graphs, infographics), videos, or SlideShares by copying or embedding them and including them in your content, as long as you honor the Content Attribution Policy below.

Full article repurposing and republishing

Republishing our text-based content (blog articles, PDFs, PPTs, DOCs) in full is available for Enterprise members. Please reach out to our Content Marketing Manager for additional details.

Content Attribution Policy

For summaries, social sharing, reprints, and images, we ask that you adhere to the following guidelines.

1. Attribute Who’s Mailing What! as the source.

2. Link to the source on Who’s Mailing What!:

  • Newsletter articles: Link to the URL of the original article.
  • Images: Link to the URL where our original image is stored.
  • Embedded infographics, video, and SlideShares: Embed the original infographic, video, or presentation using the provided embed code.
  • Content offers behind a form (content that we ask people to sign up for): Please don’t share, attach or upload the PDFs that are behind the form. Instead, share the link to the landing page URL with the form for that individual offer, not the PDF itself.

For content cooperation, article republishing, or any other questions – please reach out to Michelle, Marketing Director at michelleb(at)